digging deeper

I love a simple message. One that is clear, easy to understand and apply to my life. I also love to study. Yeah, I know that’s weird. I am a word nerd! Drawing out key words in scripture helps me to remember and apply what I am learning. The first graphic are the key words … Continue reading digging deeper


daily nourishment

I grew up in and out of church. I accepted Jesus as my Savior in early high school, but didn’t really understand what a relationship with Him really meant. As with many young adults, my spiritual life was not a priority. I was too busy having fun in college and setting goals for the future. … Continue reading daily nourishment

no nots

I saw an Instagram quote yesterday that said something like this... “think on all that you ARE rather than all you are NOT.” To whomever posted this, thank you. I need a change in perspective sometimes. What if I said NO to the NOTS? Rather than thinking, I am NOT __________. What if I replaced … Continue reading no nots