SHE believed Series

Several years ago God gave me a simple way to begin to develop a foundation of TRUST specifically for battling worry and anxiety in my life. As I began to prepare to lead a women’s group, God impressed on me that TRUST is foundational to us as believers whether worry is the thorn in our side or whether it is a myriad of other emotions or circumstances. Using a good old-fashioned acronym T.R.U.S.T, the SHE believed devotional series will study several key principles to developing a strong foundation of TRUST.

Below you will find links for each of the weekly devotionals. Each devotional includes a Putting It Into Practice section at the end. Don’t rush through. Take some time to stop for a quiet pause each day. Pick one or two of the suggestions to focus on each day. Spend time in God’s word and watch your trust in God grow deeper.

Click on the links below for the six-week SHE believed devotional series:




S – SING and SERVE (two separate devotionals)


**The SERVE devotional was written prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. For many of us our schedules have drastically changed with so many things cancelled and safe at home orders in place. Use this devotional to evaluate your normal schedule and activities. Also, consider what things you want to add back once this unusual season passes.

I pray that you will be encouraged as you embrace and believe God’s promises for your life.