peace be with you

After Jesus resurrection, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to visit the tomb. There, they saw the Angel of the Lord sitting on the stone that had been rolled away. He said, “I know you’re looking for Jesus. He isn’t here. He is risen.” Matthew 28 Headed to tell the disciples the news, Jesus … Continue reading peace be with you


Spring time always finds us with an overly busy schedule. As a result my flower beds are usually neglected for the first month or so of spring. As I paused for a moment and looked at them today, I realized that the weeds were already starting to take over. Weeds that will eventually choke out … Continue reading

no nots

I saw an Instagram quote yesterday that said something like this... “think on all that you ARE rather than all you are NOT.” To whomever posted this, thank you. I need a change in perspective sometimes. What if I said NO to the NOTS? Rather than thinking, I am NOT __________. What if I replaced … Continue reading no nots