It seems that a prerequisite for being at peace, of a restful soul, is a cute little VW Van in the Rocky Mountains. Haha! Nope! Although that would be tons of fun! Peace isn’t a location. Although a little time in the breathtaking mountains or seaside, can alter my attitude a bit. Peace goes deeper … Continue reading peace



My devotional pointed me to Psalm 23 on Friday. It is so familiar that I decided to read it in several different versions which often gives me new perspective and meaning. The Passion Translation refreshed my soul. I hope it will refresh you, too. Soak in these words: “The Lord is my best friend and … Continue reading refresh


If I asked you what you ponder most, what keeps you up at night, what would you say? Your marriage, kids, job, health, finances, education? Scriptures tells me that there is a better way than worry. It is trust. “Commit your way to the Lord [roll and repose each care of your load on Him]; … Continue reading trust